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RE: I hope this doesn't strain Gibson's advertising budget.......

At 5:43 AM -0500 5/22/01, Andy Ewen wrote:
>I know to the outside, Gibson appear to buy and destroy small companies, 
>the reality is, these guys are usually in serious trouble before Gibson 
>in; we were. For some it's too late, Opcode being an example. I now know 
>real reasons for the failure and closure of such businesses and it cannot 
>blamed on any callous act by Gibson.
>Having spent quite some time now with Henry Juszkiewicz, I have nothing 
>respect for him and his vision, he's not the mad megalomaniac some would
>like to believe.

Well, I guess I must just hang out with losers. Most of the reports 
I've gotten over the last ten years or so are that he's a bipolar 
type who is charming and enthusiastic at the outset but quickly turns 
into a raging litigator when the acquired company doesn't reach a 30% 
increase in profits in the first year.

At 1:27 AM -0700 5/22/01, Kim Flint wrote:
>And I certainly don't see the point of trying to destroy the folks here 
>have put so much of themselves into creating new looping tools and
>instruments for this group. Whether you grasp it or not, that's exactly
>what you seem to be proposing. Matthias might finally stand a chance to
>make back some of the large amounts of time and money he invested in all 
>this. (me too, although not nearly so much.) Why do you want to take us
>down and deny us that, after all the work we've done for you? It IS all
>connected. You can't harm one part without harming the other.

I didn't expect my suggestion to be taken seriously, and I don't have 
any I'll will toward those on the Echoplex team. I just wanted to 
provoke some discussion of the faustian nature of doing business with 
Gibson. Clearly you folks are benefiting from Uncle Henry's 
benevolent mode. Others have been less fortunate.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202