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Recycle/Rebirth/Reason / Re: goodbye and thanks


guitar playing is not a competition. i've been a guitarist for over 17 yrs 
and never did i try to compete with anyone. i always had my own goals and 
went after them. never did i think i wanted to be the best guitarist in 
city. i always wanted to do my thing and get on with it.

traig, why are you so irritated by this? if he wants to be a fruitloop and 
get his pagey fantasy on, let it be. you don't see him telling you how you 
should live your life.

this is lame...

i have Reason. I want to use a ton of Rebirth basslines thru the REX loop 
player. but it only lets me use  different slices.

anyone able to recommend quickie tips/shortcuts on slicing up the 
i already exported a Rebirth wav of all the basslines put together and now 
wanna slice them in recycle.


>From: traig <Traig.S.Foltz.5@nd.edu>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: goodbye and thanks
>Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 10:33:52 -0500
>uhhh,  ...it's not a competition there fruitloop.  so put down the
>jimmy page act and step slowly away from your 7th grade fascination
>with "the occult."  see, all that's been done before little billy.
>so, stop acting like a pompus dumbass, put the guitar down and stop
>using multiple exclamation points.
>here's a real spooky one, you madman you, "if you listen to fools the
>mob rules."
>beat it punk,
>please, no one write me and tell me "if you don't have anything nice
>to say please take your toys and go home."  this idiot deserves it.
>he wouldn't know a "junkie/world traveller"  if he was run over by
>>ps;;i to have been a sex fiend,junkie,world traveler,avid
>>reader,writer,"madman"(as opposed to being normal.gawd forbid)and all
>>those other attributes the reader "accuses"?? Big Al of......I couldnt
>>get into the mountain climbing bit,tho.                     Dont make
>>you a bad person!!!! thanks again all for your feedback,gotta move
>>on,this is a biiiiiggggg internet!!!                and,by the way,i
>>dont stay home,but living in the Big Apple,i am out every night ,and i
>>do hear it all.But unlike my friend,who couldnt put in the time,and
>>couldnt stand the competition he had to endure to became a really good
>>guitarist,i will not sell all my guitars and buy boxes and machines and
>>turntables to make it easy on myself!!I will still work hard at my
>>craft,practicing and writing for hours every day to achieve my
>>will,which is to be the best damn guitar player in the city!!! a hard
>>task ,i admit but one worth striving for.And if i only get part way
>>there,which i already have......the dream is the thing.If it be your
>>will to be the best looper,then all blessings be upon you!!My friend is
>>looping because he didnt have the talent to do what he really wanted to
>>do,and so i presume he will fail here also,because he will be competing
>>with loopers who do it because it is their will,not because they couldnt
>>handle the rigours of studying guitar.  hence crowleys law.......find
>>your will,and DO IT.best to you all.May you do your will.....I'm
>>"already gone"
>>"Do What Thou Wilt,Shall Be the Whole Of the Law"
>Traig Foltz
>Audio Production Specialist
>University of Notre Dame
>Office of Information Technology
>Office: (219)631 - 3752
>Fax:  (219) 631 - 8777

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