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Re: Hi again!...

>From: Goddess <thefates@earthlink.net>

>how a thread about looping could turn into one concerning Crowley so
>quickly.  <smile>  Well, only here, for one thing.  -actually, I new a
>relative of his, several years ago.  -Perhaps I should have asked if he
>played loop music, or if he ever DJ'ed.  <smile>  LOL!  can ya see it?
>"This is DJ "C"  spinin' the supernatural grooves as we spiral on into 
>the>Golden Dawn!"  lollollol!  OK, gettin' ready to get flamed!  <smile.
>*looks extra cute*  -it's just the insomnia, really...

believe me, i've perpetrated many a "random thread goes Crowley" meself on 
all kinds of lists. being an old zeppelin fiend, i found out about ole 
mister crowley thru reading about pagey's obsessions. though i think the 
was messing with stuff way over his head and that's what did him in.

if he was still around, i think he'd be in the music scene somehow... 
imagine the raves he would throw. not just big parties, but supernatural 
events! imagine someone candyflipping at a crowley rave and the 
doors open and some flying dragons start coming thru... they'd just think 
was really good acid ...whahahahah :-D

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