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RE: HELP!!!!

Title: HELP!!!!
If it's been working in NY for some time, we can probably rule out the old 'crystal tolerance timing' problem. It's most likely to be faulty or dirty RAM SIMMs. Carefully remove each one in turn and clean the connector edges with either a fibreglass pencil, (used by draughtsman), or a standard rubber pencil eraser.
I've also had the same problem with the EPROMS gradually working their way out of their sockets. If the RAM cleaning doesn't work, I'd remove each socket mounted chip in turn and re-seat them.
Pressing Parameters while booting is the magic reset, but I think Claude has already mentioned this. Your continuous Loop 3 problem however, is very unlikely to be cured with a re-set.
If all this fails, threaten it with severe physical damage; it probably still won't boot but you'll feel better.
Good luck, let us know what happens,
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From: Steve Sandberg [mailto:stevesandberg@earthlink.net]
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Subject: HELP!!!!

Can anyone help?  I have an extremely important solo show at the Knitting Factory tonight in New York.  I've just gotten up -- it's 7 AM -- and my EDP is not working.  When I turn it on, all that happens is "Loop 3" flashes over and over.  
Is there any way to reset it?
Also, -- and this is asking a lot -- is there anyne in NYC with an EDP who would lend it or rent it to me for one night?  
Thanks . . .