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Re: turntable instrument?

Firstly  Hello .. I have been lurking on this Mailing list for a while now.
I think mostly the information in here is great and the humor even better
(Againiator - I want one)

Personally I have been playing guitar for 11 years for whatever that is
worth ... I enjoy what I do and use it primarily as a retreat from the
pressures of the job 
humm my two pennies worth now... 

I have few friends who DJ. They seem to split between your 'local club' or
'wedding reception' DJ and your 'up my own arse - no i don't make the music
but I create the atmosphere in a room' DJ. One guy I know (Nathan) does
actually loop using samples extracted form many different tracks and create
his own tracks from these. (I have played guitar parts on one or two and
continue to supply riffs whenever I write one I think he could use.) 

My POINT (At last) is that they all use the term 'DJ'. Nathan is much 
to a producer or an arranger than a DJ. He uses the name 'DJ' to fit nicely
into a marketable product. Why do these people have to name / explain
themselves in this way ? I suggest it is because without this descriptive
element they would have to say '... hi ... I play other peoples 
oo... and I try to make them seamless by joining tracks of the same speed
together when I play..' Not exactly equivalent to a guitarist learning over
years and practicing for two hours a night ...

But if you like what you do and gain enjoyment from it then it is good. No
matter if it is regarded by the powers that be as a 'true' form of
instrument of a valid art form ... 

Be judged by the end product ... not the path you choose to get there ...

Guitarist Glyn - Musician 

Torotrak (Development) Ltd.