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Re: playing with DJ's

Title: Re: playing with DJ's
spgoodman@earthlight.net writes:
>So far what I'm hearing is that of all the folks who have had good
>situations with DJs, all of those DJs were also players of a musical

I was in a band with a DJ and a bassist for about a year, and the DJ/turntablist didn't play any conventional musical instruments, and he was a joy to play with.  I've also played with several (3) who were impossible to play with, or maybe just more trouble than it was worth to me.  The problem I had with them was that they left no space for anyone else, which I attributed to their being accustomed to providing all the sound in a performance, and perhaps a lack of listening.  In these regards though, they were really no different from any other "audio decorator of sound space" (i.e. musicians), except in their chosen tools of production.  


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