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Re: Fractal looping

     Fortunately now a better description of "Fractional Looping".I was not
sure,if it was only
meant for one special device,so I kept quiet.

>From that,what Italo described,I labeled this way of looping as
"Poly-Looping" for my own looping.
As I use also RingModulation and Frequencyshaping devices in my guitar
gear,fractional looping
has another sense to me. ;-)

I use now up to eight loop devices,wich can establisch up to 12 seconds of
looping.This all is 
switched to a fexible rooting board.A kind of footpedal mixing console.

The for me intersiting way of playing with such odd loops is the
polyrhythmic experience.
For a Stereo Setup it means,left looping device has 12 seconds of delay,the
right 11 seconds.
Both with adjusted regenaration,wich can be expanded or compressed in
The fluctuation of sound will be surprisingNow multiply it with eight
sources with different
settings in time.The result will be always new and surprising.
Only with such a delay section,you can bring a simple guitar to an
incredible PAD-sound.
But when you use afterwards some Ringmodulation or other synth related
Waveformshaping the result
will be always new.

But fractional delaying is a playfield,wich needs strong nerves.It is like 
blank sheet of paper.
Once you started with it,it will get an own life.
It can be polyrhythmical,it can also be a PAD-sound changing extremly.Real 
fine way to experience
new sounds.Harmonically or Rhythmically.It depends on you.The field is wide
Well,this works also for other instruments.


>Von: "Italo De Angelis" <italoop@libero.it>
>An: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Betreff: Re: Fractal looping
>Datum: Mon, 21. Mai 2001 15:39 Uhr

>For all of you interested in Fractal Looping, this is a multi lines
>technique of looping. The idea is to have a main looping line with, say, 3
>more lines. The fractal relation between them is about time length of 
>it will be set in a way to get polyrhythms between different copies of the
>same audio material. For instance, I might loop 4 bars of audio, in 4/4 at
>130bpm; then I might choose that a second looper will repeat a 2 bars
>truncated audio portion of the original, a third looper will repeat 11/8 
>the original loop and a fouth one maybe 5/8 or a dotted 1/2. Usually I 
>also tap tempo lfos that will pan the four loops around in quad audio,
>according to the same rhythmic values or to different ones, in a circle, 
>cross or whatever other pattern or even randomly. I can also use pitch
>shifters that will transpose monophonic loops to presets intervals (or
>chords) according to the same rhythmic values. At the same time Orville
>allows me to pre AND post process all those loops with dedicated AND 
>fx, like ring modulators, modulatable filters, chorus, flanger, phaser,
>shifters, verbs, reverse shifters, reverse delays, reverbs, lo-fi manglers
>and ANYthing else I might think of.
>I can also sample the whole thing in real time, edit it to change speed,
>pitch or both, process the sample with FX...all in one 24bit box, with 4
>minutes and 23 seconds of audio memory TOTALLY addressable by delay style
>loopers and samplers.
>Programs can have almost unlimited number of looping lines, form 1 up to a
>couple of dozens...if you really want to get THAT crazy. Tom, SE70 is a 
>cool box but...forget this applications, we're talking OPEN system here,
>meaning the user can totally configure the box in ANY way, building
>algorithms on the unit or on a PC with Vsig, Eventide's graphical editor
>freeware. If you all want to know more about the power AND the freedom of
>Eventides, you can download manuals from www.eventide.com and follow the
>VERY active Eventide users list on Yahoo.
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>> >16 delay lines at same time.....you talking big money,no?????
>> my cheapsie little Boss SE-70 has a 20-tap flange so it's
>> quite do-able without fancy hardware.
>> in fact, you could have "as many taps as you liked" on a
>> single delay line and not really consume very much CPU...
>> /t
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