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Re: Fractal looping

ide like to know...thats why i really came over.also this should be the
place to find out the pros and cons of eventide,lexicon,TR707s,etc.,and
unique ways of using them....just the other day for something to do,i
wanted to see if i could still make the old style analog loops we used
to make around '62 with two machines.....i took 2 Tandberg 64 Xs and put
one on each side of the room,with a gibson echoplex in the middle.no
digital stuff at all!!!Talk about fun,,.....AND the sound was
awsome!!!(64x was a top of the line machine) the specs are stillup
there....Even without the echoplex you can vary the echo repeats by
changing the didtance between machines...I felt like Les Paul must have
felt back when.....