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Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

This is f*#kin strange,

>ah how right you are.  I am in total agreement, however I have to say
>that DJs that cue up and crossfade someone else's prerecorded music,
>really don't in my mind belong in the same group as those that really
>deconstruct and collage music to make it a totally new thing.  I had a
>chance to hear and talk to DJ Spooky, and he was amazing.  Very smart,
>and great at his craft.  Now there is a musician.
>A playlist isn't called a
>song, because it isn't.

I'm havin this on three different groups ATM!

I came up with this really interesting analogy :

Take Micheal Jordan.

He did things with a basketball that nobody ever did before.
He was the best player of his generation by miles.
You could kinda say he raised basketball to an "ARTFORM", right?

Does that make basketball an art? Does that make me an artist because I 
basketball? I think not!!

Just because DJ Spooky could be described as a "MUSICIAN", it doesn't 
automatically mean that ALL DJ's are MUSICIANS. Not by any logical 
I've ever seen!

I'm not passing comment on any individuals here, because I have never 
many of you play b4, or checked out your original stuff either.
I can mix, as well as having started writing my own music, and I don't 
consider myself a MUSICIAN, because I still cant play a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

I think the musician/good DJ thing is more that musicians will 
understand what is required. Some(?) DJ's aren't really even aware of 
and key to a great extent, and this could be a bit of a problem, yeah?

It's always gonna be hard finding a really, really good DJ because they 
DJ a lot! Funny that!

I saw this in a magazine and thought it's pretty appropriate :

"Basically what I'm really trying to say here is DJ is basically an 
antiquated throwback name for something that really cant be defined in one 
word. Therefore I put forth three new categories derived from the 
covered group :

DJ : Radio DJ, guy and a chick with microphones, radio style presentation 
(Mainstrem commercial radio, in club form the over 30's kinda place with 
guy on stage with give-aways, and LOTS of re-mixed pop cheese)

CP (Cut and paster) : The guy who mixes at your local house club, the DJ 
mixes smoothly from one song to another all night, but nothing more 
adventurous than that! Might drop the killer tunes, but does so in a very 
predictable and boring way.

DM (disc master, vinyl or CD) : The DJ who takes three copies of the same 
tune and makes something completely different out of it in the mix. The DJ 
who pitches all his records to 135 bpm and sees exactly what key there in 
and catologs them all, so he can actually play in key!"


P.S. It was a fairly sarcastic article.
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