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RE: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

I just don't get what all this is about.  As far as I can tell, the 
is, "do the actions of DJ's produce music?".  Obviously, putting questions
of taste aside, the answer is yes.

It seems then, that this debate is not so much about music production and
instrumentalism, but ownership and intellectual property issues.  If that 
the case, how many traditional instrumentalists can honestly say that every
riff, chord or finger permutation, or every rhythm they make is 100%
original or their own and therefore not open to the same questions of

aside from this, however, i'm reading a prallel to this at the moment in
debate about artificial life.  the pro Alife team says well we can make
something that satisifies all the qualities the other team regards as
defining life.  The other team hears this and just says well stuff you, we
just changed the definition.

Such is the trickiness of static categories in a dynamic humanity, i guess