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Re: playing w/ dj's

Many of these people who are seen as the "charlie parkers" of the turntable
world are _not_ limited to the simple "playback" of other people's music.

>From the outside looking in, it might seem only that way. HOWEVER- for 
when they are usng jimmie page, they are using what, .5 of a second of a
tone, and manipulating that tone into mew things... they aren't just
spending time finding a riff to lift. the needle on the wax actually 
over very little space...

As well, many of them sit down with samplers and synthesizers and things
that they have recorded and they compile groups of sounds that they have
created to vinyl, and these are what many of the most talented turntablists
use when "scratching up new and exciting music."

Why is there such an atttempt to deny deny deny the validity of
what they are doing as a musical expression? Before everyone tries to
formulate why they are s dismissable, perhas it would be good to actually
know what is involved with the art...

Often, when a new musical form is introduced, there is argument and
discussion of why it isn't music, or it isn't valid. it happens with
everything, and will continue to happen- it has probably happened to most 
you at one time or anoter being loopers. What I don't see is why here there
is such an attitude of dismissal-  I would have expected a more open 

Thank for the time, again...

If any of that was unclear, I am sorry- I am rushed...


on 5/20/01 4:42 PM, ko-jella@webtv.net thought someone wanted to read:

> but i still see a basic flaw being that nomatter how many hours a day
> the "turntablist"puts in to practicing his "instrument"ha ha, he/she is
> still working with some one elses musical creation.pushing a jimmy page
> album back and forth on a table ,by no stretch,makes you a guitar player
> or ,i should say ,a musician.to compare this to the talent of charlie
> parker.......at least the loopers are getting away from taking other
> peoples music and looping it and instead using generic sounds....