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Re: playing w/ dj's

Every turntablist I have seen has used vinyl primarily for rythmic purposes
(i.e. scratching), rendering what ever was on the record unrecognizable.
They use a variety of different records more for timberal and rythmic
variation than for sampling purposes.
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> but i still see a basic flaw being that nomatter how many hours a day
> the "turntablist"puts in to practicing his "instrument"ha ha, he/she is
> still working with some one elses musical creation.pushing a jimmy page
> album back and forth on a table ,by no stretch,makes you a guitar player
> or ,i should say ,a musician.to compare this to the talent of charlie
> parker.......at least the loopers are getting away from taking other
> peoples music and looping it and instead using generic sounds....