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Re: anybody using the Boss RC-20 yet


In terms of operating the unit - how much can you do foot-only without
climbing down and switchflicking - compared with the boomerang - reverse,
layer, moving between different samples etc etc - I'm thinking in terms of
stage use."

There are sockets in the back where you can plug in extra foot switches to
access the reverse function and to step through the saved loops.   The unit
comes with a CD  of sample material you can load into it using a CD player
plugged into a mini jack socket, also in the back of the machine.   One of
or rather three of the samples are an intro, verse loop, and outro for a
12-bar blues, which you load into consecutive memory locations and step
through the sections using one of the extra pedals.   I haven't tried it
yet.   My live work requires the multiply and undo functions, so I have to
use the EDP when I'm playing out.

The RC20 also has an interstng function for people with timing problems.
You can tap a tempo into it, using the right pedal.  this will give you a
click track, complete with blinking light (so that you can turn off the
sound and stilluse the function.)   Once you've established the tempo, the
RC20 gives you a 4 beat countoff after you step on the record pedal befor
beginning to record.    If you don't tap in a tempo, it begins recording
when you step on the record pedal just like the other loopers.   And as I
said, if you find the pedal a bit stiff, there's an easy fix.    The pedals
are big and hard to miss.   This has much bang for the buck.