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Re: anybody using the Boss RC-20 yet

here is a question i havent seen answered concerning tempo-is there an 
jack to take an incoming beat or click or is it just tap tempo-which tend 
drift if you are playing to a machine metered beat/midi or whatever other?
thanx to anyone who knows...


>The RC20 also has an interstng function for people with timing problems.
>You can tap a tempo into it, using the right pedal.  this will give you a
>click track, complete with blinking light (so that you can turn off the
>sound and stilluse the function.)   Once you've established the tempo, the
>RC20 gives you a 4 beat countoff after you step on the record pedal befor
>beginning to record.    If you don't tap in a tempo, it begins recording
>when you step on the record pedal just like the other loopers.   And as I
>said, if you find the pedal a bit stiff, there's an easy fix.    The 
>are big and hard to miss.   This has much bang for the buck.