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Re: playing w/ dj's

Working witha DJ in a Livesituation is an interesting option,but needs a 
of discipline and
interaction of both.Such a kind of a "band" needs another language of
contextual "bandwork".
I myself can not trust the rules and methods,wich I use in a "normal"
band.This will not work
very well.The DJ for himself also has to be open for new influences and
methods,wich are not
part of his usual work,where he has total control.

As it is not easy to find a DJ for such a project,I know the worth of my
We know us for long time and he was a guitarist,before he changed the 
to be a DJ only.
A instrument trained/understanding DJ is maybe the one we need for such
projects.It will run
at least all more smoothly and musically.

I use my guitar like normal and with synths.The signals can be routed in
realtime to several 
looping and FX-devices.From a Mixing Console I decide in realtime,wich
signals the DJ will get
from my gear.With this material the DJ himself can arrange or manipulate 
material-mostly loop
sources- through his gear.He himself offers me also some signals,wich I can
use to tranform them.

Well,thatīs a very complex Setup and we use it in Live improvisation.That
works now very fine and this
project has found its own interaction voice,method and rules in innerband
We are planning to add a drummer to this project.Of course with V-drum
because the signals can also
be used in a network then.

I guess,both camps are still afraid about the other camp.Maybe the DJ will
think about guitarists
in the typical prejudicated way.The same otherwise.

At least,after a lot of practice and rehearsals,where we stick our
claims,such a "band" will work
also smoothly like a normal "band".
And at least,also "traditionals" can be realized via such a project.

I made a good experience with such a network.It brings fresh new ideas to 
musical thinking and hey,
it makes a lot of fun.

I only can recommend to try it out,eventhough it is not easy to find a DJ
who is willing for such 
a project.It means for him,to give a part of total control to other
hands.But it is it worth.


>Von: Hedewa7@aol.com
>An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Betreff: Re: playing w/ dj's
>Datum: Sam, 19. Mai 2001 1:59 Uhr

>i've only played w/2 dj's, live, and thoroughly enjoyed both experiences.
>(the second of those experiences was a 6-week tour, btw.)
>i found that both of these dj's were creative, attentive, spontaneous, 
>interactive, 'team-playing' etc etc..... and inspiring.
>spgoodman@earthlight.net writes:
>>Is this lost then?  Or has it been
>>translated into "What new gear/tech/box can I get?"  And is this a good
>>thing?  I shudder to think of it.
>for a little self-reflection, please see the 'repeater' (or: boomerang / 
>/ Kyma / jamman / Line6 et al) thread(s), amongst this group's missives:
>no judgement intended.
>dt / splattercell