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Re: Speaker Selector Unit

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From: PaulPokr@aol.com <PaulPokr@aol.com>
Instead of buying another set of powered monitors, I was wondering what the
feasibility would be of using a single pair of monitors between two audio
sources. For example, using a single pair of, say, Alesis M1's between an
Aardvark Direct Pro and a Tascam 788. The Aardvark has 1/4 inch and RCA 
outputs. The Tascam 788 has RCA monitor outs.

I have a speaker switch (a Niles, I believe) that has wire only connects. 
purpose is for stereo systems, primarily. Hence, I wouldn't want to use it 
monitoring because of potential noise, etc. I saw a Samson 
selector in a local music store but couldn't see behind the unit. Anyone 
using a
speaker selector rig?
Hi Paul,

I have two versions of Radio Shack's tape loop box.  No, not THAT kind of 
you sillies!  It is designed to connect to your receiver's tape loop (tape 
and outs) and allows you to have three instead of one tape deck connected 
your stereo.  It allows dubbing between any of the three decks, too.  This 
be ideal for your purpose.  Unfortunately, the shits at Radio Shack have 
since discontinued this handy little device.  I guess not enough people 
are like
me and want to connect a DAT, a Cassette, a minidisc, and two VCRs to their
stereo tape loop.  Go figure!

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