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multi effects units with samplers

Hi all!  I've been reading the loopers archives, & there's some great discussion here so I've joined up.  And, immediately, have a question (surprise!)  I've noticed that some of the new multi-effects units on the market (for instance, the Zoom GFX707) have samplers which are also mentioned as "jam along" endless loops.  My question is:  are any of these units actually useful as loopers, even in some limited way?  And I guess another question:  which of these multi effects units impress you most with their sound as it's layered..?
Or in other words:
For someone wanting to explore some basic looping in performance (very low-key performance) and get some basic effects (chorus, reverb, delay), and not wanting to clutter up the floor with a dozen pedals, or get a second job to afford new equipment,  what would you recommend?
    Greg Harris                      
Corvallis, Oregon