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Re: playing w/ dj's

I too have been bumped from a line up in favor of a DJ.  Wasn't even
told until I asked about the line up schedule.  "Uh, we weren't sure you
were going to play, so we asked someone else."  Funny  thing is I'm in
contact with the person who was throwing the event on a daily basis.

I also agree with Steven Goodman's idea that as a musician, part of the
culture is you almost immediately (often before you know how to play!)
find other people to play with and start a band.  No question, it's what
you do.  Real time affordable loop technology is really pretty new, but
maybe this will affect musician's as well.  There is no doubt that I can
do an entire show by myself, I've done it many times.  My Roland MC-307
groovebox, GR-30 guitar synth and a JamMan let's me make PLENTY of
noise!  I seek other musicians and/or DJs because I crave the dimension
that only real time collaboration gives.