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Re: playing w/ dj's

>Also, I've got a question: I'm interested in collaborating with a DJ.
>Not one that just mixes tracks, but one that is much more about pulling
>samples from a lot of different sources and making something new.  My
>job would be to supply guitar, synths and other wacky devices to the
>mix.  Anyway, every DJ I talk to seems to be against playing with real
>musicians for some reason.

I should say that the kind of DJ you're looking for is VERY RARE. About 
of original DJ's I've seen simply playback pre-recorded loops that are 
already in perfect sync, and they might do some scratching over it. Most 
these already have as many tracks/instrument sounds as they need.

DJ's that make their music more or less from scratch are a lot harder to 
come by. You'd have about the same amount of luck if you were looking for 
electronic accordian player. My advice would be to continue to keep your 
eyes open, but to also teach yourself the DJ skills that you would like to 
use in your project. If you're the DJ, you'll have a lot less trouble 
finding a guitarist. They're everywhere!

Matt Davignon
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