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Re: playing w/ dj's

I encountered the edge of this after getting to the UK.  At first I thought
on the level of "Show producers etc. must think that, because their sounds
are all samples and disks, the reliability factor is predictable, and must
therefore appeal to them in a bizarre 'accountant' kind of way."  I've also
been interested in collaboration with a DJ, but have encountered nothing 
dead air in response, and in one case was bumped from a line-up in favor of
a DJ.  In the UK the DJs RULE the rave/party scene.  I wondered at first
whether this wasn't a "mafia effect" of some kind, actually.

Over time though I've begun to wonder whether it's the aspect of being
center stage with no company there that's the most important factor.  Don't
take this wrong, spinners, let me explain.  Those of us that play
INSTRUMENTS typically can do so solo, I know *I* do - but in lots of cases
as we "grew up" into our playing, there were tons of instances of playing
music WITH others.  I came to think of collaborative performance as not 
positive energy shared, a great way to learn more about my own playing, and
a great way to learn how to play with others.  If one is a DJ does any of
the above ever occur as a consequence of either learning how to DJ or just
watching others do their work, undoubtedly it further embeds the idea of
such totally solo work.

I find this highly unfortunate, not just because I'm kept out of such
scenarios, and not just because there may be an entire listening group that
never hears live playing, but rather DJ-borne samples/etc - but also 
this is a direction in which DJing could actually branch out or expand past
its apparently finite boundaries.  This last is to me part of playing 
this kind of extending past the norm.  Is this lost then?  Or has it been
translated into "What new gear/tech/box can I get?"  And is this a good
thing?  I shudder to think of it.

Stephen Goodman
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