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Yamaha MFC 10 questions

I've been trying out the MFC10 foot pedal and have a question and a problem for those of you using it.
1.  Can you program it to send both a CC and a program change with one button push?  At the moment, to change programs on my FX unit I first switch the MFC10 to function mode, then press a switch to send a CC for bank change, then switch back to Program mode and push another switch for the actual program.  Seems like a lot for one change!  I know it has a mix mode, but that has a limited number of function buttons available. 
2.  Once I'm in a bank I can use switches 1-9 for program changes (0 always has the same effect as 1)--that gives me 9 possibilities, but the FX unit goes from 0-9, so there's one program I can't seem to access--what can I do??
Sorry if this is basic stuff; midi is new territory for me.
Bruce Comens