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Speaker Selector Unit

Hey, all:

Instead of buying another set of powered monitors, I was wondering what 
the feasibility would be of using a single pair of monitors between two 
audio sources. For example, using a single pair of, say, Alesis M1's 
between an Aardvark Direct Pro and a Tascam 788. The Aardvark has 1/4 inch 
and RCA monitor outputs. The Tascam 788 has RCA monitor outs.

I have a speaker switch (a Niles, I believe) that has wire only connects. 
It's purpose is for stereo systems, primarily. Hence, I wouldn't want to 
use it for monitoring because of potential noise, etc. I saw a Samson 
amplifier/speaker selector in a local music store but couldn't see behind 
the unit. Anyone using a speaker selector rig?

Regards, Paul