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RE: jamman footswitch..another jam-thread!

At 11:53 AM 5/15/01 -0700, Mike Biffle wrote:
>Hi Dan... I'm with you on this issue. I found the PMC-10 midi controller's
delay time unacceptable as well. I'd go with hard wired footswitches. I
used to controll feedback and other functions with midi as well, but tap
just didn't cut it.

i don't think it's an issue with the pmc-10, or with midi for that matter.
i use a modified peavey pc1600/rolls rfx midibuddy combo to control an edp
record function using midi without similar problems.  the peavey to
jamman/edp midi chains are exactly the same to the point where parallel
midi outputs feed both, and the jamman is just not as quick to respond to
midi tap as the edp is to midi record.

At 12:43 PM 5/15/01 -0700, rich wrote:
>really?  are you synched to a midi clock?  or are you just looping 
>if it's the latter...hmmm...i haven't seen any delay using my midi 
>pedal.  you must be doing some very critical stuff!

this is freeform.  it shows up when trying to start a loop with input
having a sharp transient attack, which gets cut off on the jamman when i'm
using midi tap.  i suppose it's possible you could get used to tapping just
a bit ahead of the downbeat in this case, though that wasn't easy or
natural when i tried it.  i'd rather just use a hardwired footswitch and
not have to adjust my timing based on which box i'm using.
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