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New acoustic music from the Chain Tape Collective online now

'Acoustic', the latest release from the cyberspace-based Chain Tape
Collective, has been posted in MP3 format, and may be downloaded from

As the title indicates, this one features music made by acoustic
instruments only; not only will you hear guitars, there's saxophone, piano
(prepared and reg'lar), wooden boards, bottles, alto recorder,
inadvertently exploding glass candle holder, drums, wind chimes, flute,
shakuhachi, violin, viola, sawblades, prayer cymbals, bamboo rattles,
tanpura, swarmandala, six-string acoustic fretless bass, artillery shells,
drift bamboo, lead pipe, heat sink, japanese boxes, african block, shaker,
vibratone, various sticks and critter. There's even a bonus track where you
get to hear Miko Biffle sing. While not every track employs looping
techniques this time around, many of them still do. Check it out!


ps: If you're modem-bound like I am and don't want to tie up your system
downloading, you can obtain a CD for a very reasonable price from Ribosome
Music by e-mailing mattdavignon@hotmail.com