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Digitech PDS-8000 mods...

>Thu, 10 May 2001 14:04:54 -0700
>ZacRae <zacrae@pacbell.net>
>Has anyone attempted (or succeeded) with any mods for this thing?

If you open a digital delay and find trimmer pots, you can sometimes get
interesting things to happen.  I've got an RDS-8000 which is a rack unit
and from a later generation,  but it has three adjustments inside.  The
most interesting one appears to control the sampling frequency.  If you
turn it, you can adjust the delay down to a very low-fi, very long delay.
When you sample something at a normal rate and turn it down, it becomes a
long, grinding ambient loop.  If you find an interesting adjustment, you
can cut out the trimmer and reconnect the wires to a new pot installed on
the front panel.  I got the idea from reading about people having good luck
with early Ibanez delays.  Has anyone had one of the Boss digital delay
pedals apart?