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Re: Logic looping ---> Pluggo vs. Spektral Delay?

andré writ,
>Vis-a-vis the thread on software looping, I'm wondering if anyone here
>has opinions on the relative merits of Cycling 74's Pluggo vs. Native
>Instruments' Spektral Delay?  
the spektral demo crashes my mac, but:
pluggo rocks, & rocks hard.
re: software looping:
i haven't found a 'dedicated' looper, to date, that satisfies the visceral 
qualities that hardware provides..... though, jhno's 'raDial' (from 
cycling74) hasn't appeared here, yet.

>I have the demo versions of both programs, and like them a lot.  Any
>opinions on strengths/weaknesses?
pluggo: granulations, x-modulations, very flexible, a *great* library.....

>VST compatibility?
pluggo is VST-compliant, incl. 'host sync'.

>Other similar
>types of sound-warping plug-ins?
i recommend these, at least:
hyperprism (arboretum systems)
mda (free, on the net)
bubu (free, on the net)
reaktor (native instruments)
dt / s-c