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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro - Copy Timing Only Blues

PaulPokr@aol.com wrote:
> << Some remarks I dont get it 100%
>   1-why dont you slave the plex to the drum machine sync in)
>   or we need more exactly what you want to achieve.
>   or do you need to sync on the fly to a band to   start   the dm 
>machine ?
>   why do you need to record successive loops without   recording 
>anything an
>   empty loop without drum machine doesnt make sense?? >>
> It's hard to explain in a sentence. Here's what I'm trying to do:
> I have my drum machine sync'ed via MIDI to the EDP.
> Say, three loops are defined on the EDP.
> I have the EDP set to loopcopy SOUND rather than TIMING (because >the 
>TIMING only loopcopy doesn't work to my knowledge).
It does work only not as you would :=)
--with echoplex sync out--
1-loopcopy off: each loop can have a different tempo that is output by
midi clock. its each successive endRecord that sets the cycle

2-loop copy snd: same tempo/multiples lenght and the original loop is
copied to the next loop; if you play it gets overdubed

3-loop copy time: same tempo/cycle lenght _but_ it behaves like a record
:the loop is empty when you enter it . if you play it gets recorded

try it