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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro - Copy Timing Only Blues

<< Some remarks I dont get it 100%
  1-why dont you slave the plex to the drum machine sync in)
  or we need more exactly what you want to achieve.
  or do you need to sync on the fly to a band to   start   the dm machine ?
  why do you need to record successive loops without   recording anything 
  empty loop without drum machine doesnt make sense?? >>

It's hard to explain in a sentence. Here's what I'm trying to do:

I have my drum machine sync'ed via MIDI to the EDP.

Say, three loops are defined on the EDP.

I have the EDP set to loopcopy SOUND rather than TIMING (because the 
TIMING only loopcopy doesn't work to my knowledge).

If I then record a pattern in loop 1 at a certain tempo then stop the 
pattern, it will play and drive the drum machine at a suitable tempo. If I 
then do a LOOPCOPY, the EDP will copy the sound from loop #1 and the 
timing. However, I don't want the sound from loop #1 to be copied to loop 
#2. Only the timing to drive the drum machine.

A workaround would be to, perhaps, enter bass guitar patterns first, which 
would be somewhat innocuous to the rest of the song. One can foot-tap in 
at an  appropriate interval the start/stop of the 1st loop without any 
other sound which would then start the drum machine. Then one could layer 
whatever, say, guitar pattern, chords, whatever over the drums. But, there 
are very interesting results achieved when some pattern is played at an 
arbitrary tempo and the drum machine/bass machine (in this case a Zoom 
234) starts at the arbitrary tempo. The somewhat mundane default patterns 
in the drum machine really come alive.

Anyhow, that's my sad tale.

Regards, Paul