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re: Digitech PDS-8000 mods. . .

Curious if anyone has attempted to expand its capabilities . . . 


    That was my first and only looping device for 3 years (pre jamman!) . 
. . she's just making farts and bleeps whenever I hook her up these days, 
but check out how much I abused her here:


    My review is the second one down.  Basically, I just hooked up a 
larger knob to the speed control, so once a loop was set, I could 
SPEED-IT-UP or sloooww iit dooowwnn . . . with my toe.  I'm sure you could 
do a cv control mod.  The sample is 8-bit, so continuous overdubbing gets 
a little wacky, but you can set it so the previous dubs diminish in volume 
with the regen knob.  I don't know about circuit bending on this, as it is 
a pretty packed digital board.  Maybe you could get a pitch transpose, or 
add some dirt to the loop.  The best would be allowing the regeneration to 
reach beyond %100 for a twisted tape-loop-feedback style explosion!  

I've seen these go for $350 these days. What did you pay?  And who wants a 
busted version for parts?  Email me off list and we can work it out.