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Hello, I'm new to this list, but have been reading the archives as well as
the digests for months.

This is my first post. This will also be the purchase of my first looper to
use with my guitar. It might be of interest to some of you wanting to buy a
Boomerang. I have been looking for the best price. And found one for $449 
Mars music. But they have a picture of the old model, not the Boomerang 
with the + sign on it. So I called them and of course the sales people 
didn't know whether it was a plus or not because the picture was of the
older model, and the warehouse was in another state, so they couldn't open
up a box to look.  So, I took the sku# and called one of the Mars stores in
Orange, CA. They matched the sku# with the box and actually opened it up 
sure enough it is the Plus model. So bottom line, you can go ahead and 
it from the Mars web site and it will be the plus model even though their
picture is not updated to the latest model. I'm ordering one this week
unless there is a better price elsewhere. 

I thought about buying the BOSS RC-20 but it looks like the boomerang has
more functionality for live performances. The Boomerang has more buttons to
control it on the fly. And all the testimonials of the loopers on this site
seem to love the ones they have. So here goes, I'm finally plopping down 

Tim Petrie
Citrix and Database administrator
Nielsen Dillingham Builders
(619) 542-4412