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Re: SC Voice and Electronics Fest.... (was thoughts onConflict...)

> Having just completed the exciting and gratifying FESTIVAL of VOICE + 
>ELECTRONICS (with cool list members Miko B, Simran Gleason and myself and 
>a cast of singers who ALL want to go out and by a looper of some kind) 
>which was populated by EDPs, Jammans, Line 6 Modellers and Boomerangs,  I 
>realized that I NEVER thought about who was using what brand of looper,  
>I only listening to how they were being creative(and boy, was everybody 
>being creative last night).

My personal thanks go out to Rick Walker for including me in this GREAT 
event as a processor/looper. It was very cool to see each vocalist react 
to the processing and get into their performance. We had dancers, visuals, 
soulfulness, surprises... It was also cool to meet fellow LD'er Simran and 
see him and Barbara's wacky set... catch them if you can! 

> I've been looping in performance for 8 years (not counting the 3 minute 
>echoplex tape loops we used in the early 80's in Tao Electrical) and I 
>thought I didn't have much to learn about it, until I heard some of the 
>very cool things that John Whooley and Miko B were doing last night.   
>Back to the drawing board (and an expression pedal for my Line 6)!!

John Whooley (of Estradasphere) totally rocked the house with a single mic 
and Line 6 DL4 w/exped... It's instructive to see how effective very 
minimal gear can be in the hands of an inspired individual... 

Video Artist, David Tristram, came down to provide visuals for us and I 
have to say it added an incredible psychedelic component to the show. He 
had 4 monitors on a huge task table... a video camera shooting the 
stage... a projector... I don't know if he had more than one computer, but 
he could superimpose images from one monitor onto the other and get them 
swimming around. It was very cool. 

> This list,  like the general population of most places, can really get 
>contentious at times.   I honestly  think that, as musicians, we are 
>ambassadors of our respective cultures to the rest of the world and that 
>we are pretty fluent in the only world language, music. This gives us, I 
>think,  a responsibility to be on our best behaviour.  If we all want to 
>be stronger artists, then we need to have dialogue and conflict to grow.  
> I just think that we can all assume 1) that we are all cool and 
>deserving of respect and the 2) we are all mature enough not too take 
>things so personally when their are conflicts in ideas.

I'd like to add that despite any of the conflicts I've seen here... This 
list has led me to more collaborations and information than any other 
place I've visited in my life, virtual or in-person... I've personally met 
many of the creative artists who regularly post here; Many of us have 
created a Chain Tape project and to date we've completed 12 or 13 cd 
compilation projects covering a huge range of themes. I've come into 
contact with product developers; sound-design specialists; touring pros; 
concert curators... and finally... I've found friendships with many of 
you. Thank you all! 

Also... Many thanks once again to Kim Flint, our list provider, for an 
amazing place to be...

> Someone once said,  "The truth is one and the paths are many".   It's a 
>pleasure being on the path with you all.

Well said Rick!

All the best...