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WAY OT: Help with 4-track?

I apologize if this is too far off topic (though I do use my four track to 
record my loops).

I have a Yamaha MT-120 that I've used for about 8 years and it has 
developed an unfortunate short in the some of the switches (the recording 
switches that activate each track).  It will occassionally short (while 
recording no less) and send a less than entertaining fuzz into the 
recording.  If I wiggle the switch I can usually fix the problem.

My question, does anyone know if this sounds like an easy fix (a dirty 
connection that just needs to be cleaned (and if so, how (just compressed 
air or something else needed)) or does this sound more involved?

As I said, off topic but given the expertise of the list, I thought 
might take pity on my situation and offer some suggestion (perhaps 'search 
the archives' :-)

Just thought I'd add that I've been on this list for the last year or so 
from various accounts and this has proven to be one of the most inspiring 
forums I've been apart of (and most expensive, the gear I've started 
accumulating since I joined is ridiculous (to me at least).

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great resource.

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