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Re: D-Beam question --> IcubeX

Oh my goodness!  That stuff looks like fun!  Anyone using this to control
audio? I'd love to hear a user review....

- Chris

>Well... if you can't get discrete D-Beams anymore you can go to the I-Cube
>Loads of controllers... light sensing, velocity sensing etc. Check 'em 
>>>> sburnett@webslingerz.com 08/30/00 01:53PM >>>
>On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Ben Porter wrote:
>> One last thing. Have any of you actually seen a performance with
>> someone who primarily used a D-beam(s)? I've always thought that a pair
>> of them would make a great controller for Max and have been trying to
>> imagine what it would *look* like to see someone making music just by
>>moving their arms around in the air.
>Sounds like a description of a theremin performance.
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