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a new user

hi, im new to the list.  i used to play real 8> instruments, but now i
just use samplers.  (sometimes i still play real 8} instruments as an
emergency replacement for friends.)

i use (2x)SP-808 by Roland.  it's "technically" not a "true" looper, but
if you use two of them strung together with a scratch mixer, your rig
becomes a "true" looper by Looper's Delight standards.

im primarily involved in live improv with people who play real 8]
instruments. i run around with a microphone and sample them, then i run
back to my DJ coffin and do things to the sounds, and spit them back
out.  i also do "raves".  i tell the bookers i'm a DJ >8].

just wanted to say "hi", (hopefully it didnt bother anyone), and to say
i hope i can contribute something unique and productive to the list in
the future.

(np: "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" - James Brown)