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Chris Chovit wrote:
> Oh my goodness!  That stuff looks like fun!  Anyone using this to control
> audio? I'd love to hear a user review....

how fortuitous for me, i signed up to the list like 15 minutes ago!

yeah, i use (4) D-Beams.  [i use (2) Roland SP-808s, and each SP-808 has
(2) D-Beams.]

ways i use d-beams:
1)to trigger looped samples
2)to control effects parameters
4)to control MIDI parameters

1) obviously, shiny, (relatively) new control method, thus
encouraging       new forms.
2) sober people love it.
3) drunk/high people REALLY love it.
4) can get you the type of chicks who wear interesting eyeglasses.

1) not as cool in practice as you'd think.  MIDI doesn't yet have
the       "resolution" of "analog", so these arent as cool as theremins
2) a bit of a "one trick dog".  self explanatory.
3) fog machines and crazy lights can mess their response up.
4) seems to have a response lag.

a very cool live toy, but i wouldnt want to have this be my main tool,
especially live.