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Re: Footpedals (was Rampant Elitism)

Hi Gary,
A couple of years ago i was right on this topic out of my own necessity,
looking for a reliable FC, writting to Digitech and Digital Music Corp.,
about possible reissues or upgrades.DMC showed a bit of interest at least 
writting back and saying an upgrade is something they would consider, but i
donīt think they realize how many of us are serious about it.As far as
Digitech goes they havenīt showed any interest although i wrote and even
called many times.They once send me an upgrade for my PMC 10 since it was
defective but it still didnīt make a difference. It crashed on me twice
right on stage and i finally said goodbye to it. Any piece of equipment not
cutting it on the road  is to me only a toy!

P.S. (By the way send  the guys at Digital Music Corp.this e-mails maybe
they will do something about it!)

> >
> What exactly would it take to
> resurrect the PMC-10?
> It does leave you wondering when a major player like Roland discontinues
> their full range foot controller.  Isn't this something everyone will 
> when all men are brothers, oops, all machines are talking thru MIDI?
> tell me that day will never come) :)
> Gary