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Footpedals (was Rampant Elitism)

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> In all fairness to the Ground Control, I'd say it's pretty useful for 95%
of what most of us need. Which is usually continuous control on multiple
channels and program changes on multiple channels (not sure how many
though). Instant multiple control changes are also possible and 
to a button and it has provision for 2 ExPeds...
> Like Kim also said... It WILL NOT do note on / note off; start / stop;
record and send sysex strings. If you want these types of events, you're
going to be limited to maybe 2 or 3 controllers. The PMC-10 does all of 
stuff, but beware... it really ISN'T that road worthy and DOES have
potential s/w bugs which will throw it into a reinit and trash all your
patches. It's not that reliable for restoring to if you have one of the
buggy ones either. But... when it's working... IT'S THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing else comes close.
> Best regards,
> -Miko

I bought my PMC for $100 used thru the Web on the advice of a fellow
electronic musician to replace my Lake Butler Mitigator and found them to 
very similar in terms of the types of messages sent.  That being said,
however, the ergonomics of the PMC are better and it has more "slots", two
CC pedal jacks, and a small but more readable display.  There is even
software for the PMC (called Raymond--it blew up my patches, but I think it
was user error--I tried to lower case the bank name, and the PMC doesn't
support lower casing {??!!!}).
The important point I wanted to make is, the PMC was sold by Digitech, a
major musical instrument manufacturer.  The design of the actually pedal is
very similar to that of other Digitech models (Looks a lot like the 2120
footpedal, or my old IVL Pitchrider pedal).  All the R&D has been done.
There is obviously a need and demand for this type of unit.  Isn't this a
potentially profitable piece of equipment?  What exactly would it take to
resurrect the PMC-10?
It does leave you wondering when a major player like Roland discontinues
their full range foot controller.  Isn't this something everyone will need
when all men are brothers, oops, all machines are talking thru MIDI?  
tell me that day will never come) :)