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Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

For people who cannot get a PMC 10 is there any comparable quality
alternative we can buy?
It seems incredible as technology gets better in other areas a midi
footcontroller is such a problem

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> At 11:54 AM -0700 8/26/00, Your Name wrote:
> >Kim,
> >
> >    While your critique of the MIDI versitility is appropriate, I defend
> >the use
> >of the adjective "powerful."  When used in conjunction with the GCX
> >this unit is great; specifically because of the way the software lets 
> >access
> >the rack loops.  With the 2.0 ROM update you can assign a pedals to
> >function as
> >indidual loop switches; thus allowing you to create banks that contain
> >multi command presets and individual pedal style switches.  In a rig 
> >own, which relies heavily on dumb, non-MIDI pedals, this allows me to
> >multi-unit presets with the option of realtime modification.
> yes, like I said, it's fine if all you want to do is change patches on
> multi-effects, cause that is all it was designed to do. That's basically
> what you are doing, even though some of the effects are separate stomp
> boxes in your case. The GCX thing is nice, but as far as I can tell it is
> controlled by program change messages which all pedals send. So most any
> midi pedal should be able to work with it just fine, not just ground
> control.
> If you want to do other simple midi things, like send startsong/stopsong
> messages to a sequencer or drum machine, trigger samples from a sampler,
> play notes or chords on a synth while you play your instrument, etc., the
> ground control can't do that. You can't even download its program memory
> a librarian program on PC and upload it later, so there's no backup. Many
> other midi pedals can do all these things. Since most people interested 
> looping are going to be interested in these types of applications, I 
> a limited midi controller pedal like the ground control is not a very 
> choice.
> kim
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