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Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

My RFX (Rolls?) MidiWizard has jacks in the back for 8 (i think) expression
pedals.  I haven't used it for that, and programming the MidiWizard would
take someone with a good knowledge of Midi, because the manual just plain
stinks.  It seems like one of those 'manufactured overseas and "hey, let's
let them just do the manual"' kind of thing...So you have a manual that
appears to be written originally in Chinese or wherever it was manufactured
and then translated into English.

Ever taken Chinese herbs/medicine?  If you read the translated
instructions, they are a total bust up, because the translations are so
literal but confused.  The RFX manual is like that, but more depressing
because you're trying to make this piece of equipment work, rather than
just taking a pill that will "make you not feel at unease when you are
always not smoking all of the day"...

Otherwise, the MidiWizard has been pretty rock solid for controlling my

Do you know the Midi implementation of the Repeater?  I am planning on
buying the Repeater as well, once i can get my hands on it in a store to
demo it, but I am curious to know what Midi commands are going to do 

I would hate to buy a pedal and then have it not mesh with the product in


ps. and Charles Tyrer should just go jump in the Channel.  Notice how he
bitches about the LD list coming to him, but damn if he doesn't send us the
unsolicited advertisement for the company he works for at the bottom of his
posts.  I wouldn't mind it from a active participant, but from an ass like
him, it's a little bit of the "kettle calling the pot".

>Hey Kim, is there any way people can be kicked/banned from the list? This
>may sound fascist, but it seems to me the unwashed masses are running wild
>in our streets...
>Also, does anyone recommend a good MIDI pedal that takes, or comes with,
>an expression pedal? I need it to do patch change and pedal-controlled
>CCs, and I need it to work with the Repeater I'm definately buying in
>November (ahem, Damon).