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Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

At 5:13 AM -0700 8/27/00, steven wrote:
>For people who cannot get a PMC 10 is there any comparable quality
>alternative we can buy?

I guess other choices besides the Digitech PMC-10 are the Lake-Butler
Midigator, Roland FC-200, Rocktron AllAccess, Phil Rees MM5, and Yamaha
MFC10. They all seem to have a complete set of midi commands, and then vary
in the number of expression pedal inputs or the display or whatever.

>It seems incredible as technology gets better in other areas a midi
>footcontroller is such a problem

The yamaha and the rocktron are still available, but the others have gone
out of production and can only be found used. It is amazing, but I guess it
isn't a very good market. Probably most people who need a good midi pedal
already have it. It seems when one of these goes used they are not too
much, maybe $100-200.


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