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R: MIDI Data looping + Wireless MIDI

Hi Timth - and everybody on the list, of course! :)
I'm working on a project of wireless sensor control in a dance application,
and I've found an interesting wireless modem, the DECT Siemens GigaSet 
that claims a very reliable 115Kb data transfer rate. If you're interested,
just drop me a line (don't want to use list bandwith).


> I want the whole MIDI stream wireless. I have a WX5 wind controller (MIDI
> sax) and I want to be able to walk around without dragging a cord behind
> me, just like guitarists get to do. MidiMan used to make one, but no
> longer, and the company Aquila won't return my inquiries. Some people 
> suggested using a wireless network card, but the mod on that seems a bit
> over my head. The primary issue is error correction. I've been wondering
> about wireless modems (radio, not infrared, then there's no line-of-sight
> issues), but have been too busy on other projects to jump into that
> Of course, if anyone else thinks this is a cool idea...