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Re: Kyma thoughts

Just to give you a little bit of my experience with Kyma. 
It took me days to get to the point where I could program it. It's
mighty deep and complex.
I figured that if I spend some time getting to understand it, eventually
I'll reach the stage when I can simply think of a looping/musical idea
and I have the skills to put it into practice. 
To be honest I imagine creating a set of maybe 1/2 a dozen presets and
using these as shells for my music. I don't want to spend all my time
programming - I like to actually play that thing with strings on it.
I've had Kyma for 2 weeks now, (it's our anniversary today!) and I'm at
the point where I have two independent loops, (I could add many more but
don't need them - yet) which I call in using my 8080 midi floor unit.
Another switch toggles between my 'normal' guitar sound and the most
beautiful female voice which tracks my guitar including vibrato, pitch
pending etc. Another pedal alters the feedback settings for my trapped
sound. I've made a midi controlled whammy pedal which goes sub audio too
and a delay feeding a bank of 4 flangers slowly sweeping my loop - quite
(Unfortunately the rest of my life is falling to bits) :)

Incidentally Dennis I'd be very interested 'in beta testing your looper
specific modules'