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Re: MIDI Data looping, a little help?

Amen to that rant! Why go to a show that amounts to listening to a CD?

I do all of my looping via MIDI, and use KeyKit and BuildingBlocks.

KeyKit even has a module that simulates echoplex behavior (echoplex.k) with
the MIDI data stream.

They're at http://www.nosuch.com/tjt/index.html and

I prefer to loop in MIDI because I feel I have more performance-oriented
control over the data stream. Especially because anything (note,
controller, etc) can be used to control anything else (samples, filter
sweep, more MIDI data). That means I'm not tied to the laptop. Now if
SOMEBODY will just tell me where I can get a wireless MIDI setup?! 

Anyway, performance-wise I tend to favor BuildingBlocks (a nerd kid who had
Capsela). But KeyKit is infinitely customizable, with an Awk-like
programming language. There's a trade-off of flexibility and learning curve
between the two.

Hope this helps. Glad to hear that someone else is interested.