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Re: Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

pvallad1 (10:55 PM 08.07.2000) wrote:

 >Sounds kewl and from I'm seeing on the street price, also sounds like a 
 >good deal compared to the Zen Drum.

Well, the Zendrum is _very_ cool, you have to wear one to reall understand 
just how well laid out the pads are, but it's designed as a controller 
only, not a sound source. And yeah, at US $1450 for the low-end model, 

 >Silly question, though... Are the pitches tunable on this thing?

Oh yes. :)

One of the fun demos that Roland Percussion Demo God "Steve" liked to do 
was to create a jazz percussion section on the fly. He'd lay down a drum 
track, then a percussion track and then add a tuned bass line. Them while 
that sequence was in PLAY mode, he'd play a "lead" line over the top of it.

All from the pads on the HPD-15. :)

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