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Re: Sustainer

Is it possible to power this thing via perhaps a stereo guitar lead/
modified jack input-sort-of-thing ?
and how much for the unit ?
and can you fit it yourself or do you have to send your guitar off to
have it fitted ?
I use an Ebow most of the time. I always got the impression that the
sustainer was a little weak in terms of its attack.
I'd appreciate people's experience in this area.
By the way the Kyma system is monstrously powerful. I've got loops
firing off in all directions - literally - I think I'm in love!

> Well, I know that the sustainer "smokes" the e-bow but the battery-thing
> frightened me at first... I know that it is a better system.. if you know
> Michael Brook, he can do things with his own "sustainer" sytem (infinite
> guitar) that the e-bow can't do...
> Well, I have to ask the guy from Sustainiac about the new baby.. because,
> if it's an active pickup while the sustainer is off, it must suck a 
> more the batteries than the simple stealth sustainer...
> But 5-6 hours is A LOT better than 15 minutes... When I heard that, I was
> seeing myself changing batteries after each song... Well, quite a
> frightening vision... :)