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Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

I just picked up Roland Handsonic - a midi hand drum -
WayWayWayKool(tm), and very accessable for anyone who
has ever mistaken a table top for a drumming surface -
http://www.rolandus.com/response.asp?id=r1_5_7_1 .  It
has a number of fairly good ethnic drum sounds, and a
very good tabla implementaion.

It is midi-syncable, and a loop-related feature is its
pattern sequencer.  It is not a terribly robust
sequencer, but it does allow you to loop (midi) in
record mode, and drop in and out of record mode, so
you can lay down a riff, suspend record and improvise
a little, then add more to the pattern.  It has four
tracks, but unfortunately it looks like you have to
stop the pattern and write the data to move to another
track (I haven't played with it enough to be sure
though.)  You can also map patterns to different
sections of the drum surface.

I'm hoping to sync it the the EDP soon.

So, trying to go portable with this gizmo, does anyone
here have any experience / comments on portable
battery-powered amplifiers?  I'm looking for something
to be used for a variety of applications, but
primairly synths.  I'm considering the pignose hog-30
or the crate taxi (maybe the limo, which is 50W vs
taxi's 30X).  It looks like the MaxiMouse is no longer
in production.



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