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Re: The Best Loopers

At 11:21 PM -0700 8/3/00, Kevin Mulvihill wrote:
>Hi all,
>Okay, this is my first post, so if there's an archive I can go to and get
>this information, please let me know by posting a URL... :-)

Looper's Delight Mailing List Archive is here:

almost 4 years of posts, containing huge amounts of discussion about every
loop device out there. You will also find many posts from the inventors of
the echoplex, boomerang, jamman, line6 dl-4, DJRND2, various software
loopers, tape loop innovators, and probably others I've forgotten. Not to
mention our menagerie of celebrity posters.

>I'm just wondering what the best looper to use is? I know there's the
>Echoplex, the Lexicon (MPG2 I think), the Akai, etc., etc.

Looper's Delight "tools of the trade section" has info and reviews, plus
links to help search the mailing list archive:

>Which looper device do you all consider to be the best looping device on 
>market? I'm planning to spend about $1500 for this so would appreciate
>something in that range (or less)... in fact, PREFERABLY much less!

you could probably get two echoplexes and a boomerang for that much.


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