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Re: The Best Loopers

Kevin Mulvihill (01:21 AM 08.04.2000) wrote:

 >I'm just wondering what the best looper to use is? I know there's the
 >Echoplex, the Lexicon (MPG2 I think), the Akai, etc., etc.

I'm basically software based with a custom app that my partner wrote/is 

If you wander the archives for the past couple of weeks:


You'll find though that I've been pretty vocal about a new product on it's 
way out to market, the Repeater from Electrix:


 From the initial specs, it looks like it could be quite the machine.

It's due out around November and will retail for US $699.

Electrix is here on the list (the Creative Director, Damon Langlois) and 
has been answering questions about the box as best he can without giving 
away the farm.

Stuff: http://www.midiwall.com, Info/Reviews: