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Re: nice flick

Actually, to America's credit, the whole Son craze swept through
about 10 years ago - there was a blizzard of articles in the
mainstream press, and dozens of articles in magazines such
as "Rhythm" (now defunct), "Drums & Drumming" and "Modern
Drummer", as well as "Keyboard" and others. It's good to see
that Europe and the rest of the world is finally catching on. :)

- Larry

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> Yeah Cuban Son music is a hit here in Europe since about a year or so 
> am surprised (or rather not) that in america with the exception of
> cities like NY, SF it hasn´t caught on. (Absurd old politics maybe?)This
> guys were legends
> in the fifties and after the embargo they weren´t allowed to tour
> anymore.Salsa from puerto rico then invated the rest of the world and Son
> music died almost and was completely forgotten.Some of the artist ended 
> cleaning shoes and rolling tabaco. It was sad. Son music is the mother of
> salsa and other forms of latin music coming from the rural oriente part 
> Cuba (Guantanamo) and in the old days considered low class depraved music
> the conservatives. Similar to the country blues legacy.It also has a
> element the "tumbao" or "montuno" which is a repetitive section very
> hypnotic, trance like which makes you want to get up and dance.Check out
> Changüi music which is older than Son this is the most interesting  music
> i´ve  heard in years very hardcore,primitive and rhythmic complex!  I 
> around often with my Echoplex build up a latin groove and then chop it up
> half to create a tumbao is a great way for me to write songs since i play
> this type of music.You can check out our homepage www.quinteto-cha.de we
> have a CD out which you can also hear and order from us if you are
> interested.Its all in German but we will be posting it in English and
> Spanish soon.But as you can see on the film this old afrocubans can still
> groooove!
> just watched "buena vista social club"...........ry cooder and a bunch of
>  older cuban musicians doin their thing...........very very
> > enjoyable.............m
> >