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Re: nice flick

Yeah Cuban Son music is a hit here in Europe since about a year or so ago. 
am surprised (or rather not) that in america with the exception of cultural
cities like NY, SF it hasn´t caught on. (Absurd old politics maybe?)This
guys were legends
in the fifties and after the embargo they weren´t allowed to tour
anymore.Salsa from puerto rico then invated the rest of the world and Son
music died almost and was completely forgotten.Some of the artist ended up
cleaning shoes and rolling tabaco. It was sad. Son music is the mother of
salsa and other forms of latin music coming from the rural oriente part of
Cuba (Guantanamo) and in the old days considered low class depraved music 
the conservatives. Similar to the country blues legacy.It also has a 
element the "tumbao" or "montuno" which is a repetitive section very
hypnotic, trance like which makes you want to get up and dance.Check out
Changüi music which is older than Son this is the most interesting  music
i´ve  heard in years very hardcore,primitive and rhythmic complex!  I fool
around often with my Echoplex build up a latin groove and then chop it up 
half to create a tumbao is a great way for me to write songs since i play
this type of music.You can check out our homepage www.quinteto-cha.de we
have a CD out which you can also hear and order from us if you are
interested.Its all in German but we will be posting it in English and
Spanish soon.But as you can see on the film this old afrocubans can still

just watched "buena vista social club"...........ry cooder and a bunch of
 older cuban musicians doin their thing...........very very
> enjoyable.............m